Swap Markets in Wellard

I was volunteering for providing first treatments with St. John Ambulance at Swap Markets in Wellard at 7-5-2016. There were a few stands in place ‘selling’ various food and drinks; hotdog, veggie juice, coffee, popcorn, and one stand in particular had small herb plants. The event was about people trading something for something else. An example is one family baked cupcakes, and trade them for hotdogs and hot chocolates. Each stand had different demands; the jams and spreads stand wanted us to dance for 30 seconds for a jar, the veggie juice stand wanted us to tell a joke for a cup of juice, etc.

Us being first aid providers, decided to swap band aids for hotdogs, coffee, and a chocolate. I myself had to dance for a jar of Lemon and Melon jam. I also told a joke about a rather peculiar holiday experience in Thailand for a bag of popcorn.

Overall, I



Name an object that is the size of Steve Harvey’s head

Steve Harvey, the host of the show ‘Family Feud’ asked the contestants to name an object that is the size of his head (he was/is bald). The first contestant answered football, and it was the top answer. The second contestant answered basketball, but it was under the same category as football (ball), so she had to came up with another answer. Her second answer was butt cheek, and everyone in the audience (and myself) laughed. Steve Harvey himself was shocked to realise that his head looked similar with a person’s buttocks, and said that if that answer was amongst the top answers he would take the answer board down! (that answer was not on the board, so the board stayed)

My answer to that question would be ‘a street lamp’ as many street lamps are round shaped, even though they are bigger than a person’s head. My second guess would be an ostrich’s egg, as the shape was similar but not the size (no, Steve Harvey would not be happy that I thought his head is the same size as a bird egg!)

Name a reason why you would prefer to be a horse than a cow

In another part of the TV show ‘Family Feud’, the contestants were asked to name a reason you’d prefer to be a horse than a cow. The first contestant answered ‘they(horse) don’t get milked; I agree with that answer, and it was revealed to be the top three answer. The second contestant answered ‘A cowboy would ride me’; she was referring that by being a horse, a cowboy would ‘ride’ her, whereas if she was a cow, it would be unlikely.

I thought the second answer has a high creativity element, with my own answer to that question being: being taken care of by someone else (as in people gave me a bath) as this is unlikely to happen if I were a cow than a horse. In reality, people do give horse a bath! And virtually no one give cattles/cows a bath! I can only cringe at how smelly I would be and uncomfortable in being a cow.

Name something that you’d hate to see fall off your date’s underwear

I watched a TV show called ‘Family Feud’, and one of the question asked was ‘we asked 100 single women, name something you would hate to see fall off your date’s underwear’. The first contestant answered doo-doo (excretion)(poo), and it was revealed that 30 women agreed to that! The next contestant came up with an even more bizarre answer; a fake member (she was referring to a fake genital falling off her fate’s underwear)! As I thought there could not be worse answer, the next contestant answered ‘the real thing’ (‘a fake member’ was not amongst the answers, so he guessed if the fake one was not there, then maybe the real thing)! I thought all three answers were equally ridiculous, but actually makes sense for people to thought of those answers. In terms of they were good answers, yes, they were, but it is highly unlikely for those incidents to happen in real world (it would be hilarious if they (excretion, a fake member, the real thing) actually fell off someone’s underwear)!

Disruptive Innovation

On last week’s tutorial, we had a discussion on disruptive innovation. My understanding of disruptive innovation is something new that changed a routine/way of doing something, often not in a good way.

That night, one of my friend told me that his/her (I said his/her to protect his/her identity, not to confuse the reader. Well, I was feeling ‘naughty’, so yes, there might be another reason for me to use his/her) sister/brother decided to become a vegan to lose weight. I then immediately thought that the desire to be skinny was a disruptive innovation. I relay my thoughts to my mates, and they basically laughed at me while disagreeing with me. So, I changed my statement; the fat in the body are disruptive innovation. Everyone laughed harder than before, but the difference is this time,  they overall agreed with me that that fat are disruptive innovation.

additional note: I do believe that fat can be disruptive, but only the excess amount. We do need fat in  out body for various reasons such as energy source, heat source, cushion, etc.

Adding vegetables on the menu

In the tutorial the other week, we had a discussion about vegan lifestyle, and various aspects such as the reason of being a vegan, vegan celebrities, reduction in animal cruelty, etc.

I thought that tutorial and particular topic had an apparent impact on me, as then I bought veggies such as peas, carrots, corns, and fruits such as strawberry, papaya, banana, and melon, along with mushrooms. Adding those ingredients into my diet feels awkward at first, as I was not used to preparing those myself, but then I remembered why I bought them in the first place; the intention of trying vegan food, and curiosity of trying new menu.

After two weeks, I am still eating vegetables and fruits, although not as much as I used to after the tutorial. But, the realisation of a healthy diet and lifestyle, made me keep on consuming those healthy food.

In addition, I am against animal cruelty, but that was not my main reason on starting consuming more vegetables, although I agree that by consuming more vegetables, fruits, etc, and less meat, we can reduce the demand on meat, and ultimately reduce the involvement of animals in our diet.

Playing a game using two accounts at the same time

I downloaded a new shooting game on my phone, made an account, and started playing. The game was hard for me as I only just started (a newbie), while other more experienced players were better than me, both in equipments and skills. I then decided to buy better equipments, only to realise that I did not have enough in-game money given that I only just started.

Later, as I saw my laptop, I thought of a brilliant idea; I downloaded the game on my laptop (actually, I just open it on my browser, Mozilla Firefox), and made another account using my other email address. I then create a map, and invited my laptop character into a match. Needless to say, my main character, the one I played on my phone, wins every time! After sometime, as a result of my victories, I managed to obtain enough money to buy the items that I wanted.

However, one problem still remains; my skill had not improved, and it seemed to gotten worse from fighting an opponent that did not fight back (my laptop character).

Moral lesson: there really is a good and bad side of everything

Continuation of New and Ultimate Dessert

As I did not want to feel sick from mixing different food that I am unsure about the results, I started to be more cautious in what I eat. I now often check the expiry date, and other details of the food that I bought. I checked the cheese on the fridge that I used to make the ultimate dessert and I had a dread feeling after I noticed the expiry date; it was actually 20-5-2016, and not 20-6-2016. So, the reason for my health gotten worse after I had the ultimate dessert, was highly likely due to me consuming expired cheese!

(In my own defense, the cheese was not moldy, and the number 5 was very similar with 6, so I did not realise it was already expired!)

New menu for lunch – different sauces

On one day, I decided to try something new. I made a rice mixed with mexican seasoning, with sweet chilli chicken fillet, fish tofu, peas, corns, carrots, and prawns. I just bought a range of sauces that were on discount; tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, sweet & sour sauce, herb mayonaisse, and tartare sauce. I decided to add the sauces; tartare sauce on the chicken, mayonaisse and tartare on the fish tofu, sweet & sour on the prawns, and tomato on the veggies. The resulting flavours are unique and diverse; I thought this was a good way to ‘have different dishes at the same dish’. Also, by having a little of everything, we can try each flavours, and prevent ‘boredom’ of only tasting one flavour.

An Ultimate Dessert

After I had my dinner, I wanted to have dessert, but then I had a thought. Earlier, I watched an advertising about a new brand of jelly on TV, bought a discounted chocolate from C0les, and have a cheese that is near the expiry date. As I was feeling experimental, and had the desire to eat all these food, I did something which I have never done before. Nor anyone else, I believe.

I mixed the different food together; mango jelly that I made after dinner, chocolate that I bought, and the cheese from the fridge. The result was something that is structurally unclear, and brown in colour, which I believe resulted from the chocolate, even though it was a white chocolate! (might be the fusion with cheese and mango jelly). So, I ate it, and it tasted fair, but peculiar at the same time. I managed to finish the whole bowl (to be fair, it was a small bowl), and went to watch TV. After about half an hour passed, I literally could not hear the TV sound anymore; I had a mild headache, and a stomachache. I went to the toilet and stayed for about half an hour long, and another half an hour just before I went to bed. After two days, my health returned to normal, and I came up with a moral lesson for myself and others; Do not mix different materials that you are unsure about the results! Particularly, food!